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Flash Drive 256GB U365 USB 3.0 A M black
Capacity: 256 GB Connection: 1x USB 3.0 A male Connector: retractable Software: downloadable Dim: 5,5 x 2,1 x 0,8 cm Weight: 09 g Color: black Warranty: 5 Years
EUR 63,00¹
EUR 52,50²
¹ incl. / ² excl. VAT + koszty dostawy

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Material shortages Intel and other brands


Inventory Information

The current shortage of IT components is the biggest challenge for autumn 2018. For example, Intel CPU's generation 8, graphics cards (because of Crypto Minings trends) and memory modules of all brands with very long and growing delivery times should be listed here. For PC´s and NB´s, we will not be able to cover the demand for larger quantities from the warehouse, which will be reserved for immediate needs. Possible delivery times of 8 up to 10 weeks are announced from the manufacturers for the fourth quarter.
We would therefore like to point out that it is necessary to inform us of major projects in time, so that we can work together to adjust our purchasing activities. The sooner and the more detailed you tell us your needs, the faster we can meet your demand. Thank you for your understanding.

For informations about stock levels and delivery times please see the respective article in the shop or contact your sales representative or account manager for further informations.

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